Best Pillow for Side Sleepers To Enjoy Prefect Sleeping

A tremendous 41% of Americans sleep in the fetal position — on their sides with their torsos hunched and knees bent — according to the National Sleep Foundation. And another 15% sleep on their sides with their torsos and legs straight.

Our pillow can alleviate the pressure on your lower back and hips and distributes it evenly throughout the entire body.
Moreover, as a good side effect, our pillow also relaxes your hamstring muscles, which enhances the leg and back relaxation. It keeps the pelvis and hips in their perfect position, aligning your spine. Therefore, it will make you feel more relaxed than ever before.

That may be good news, because experts say sleeping on one’s side can have some health benefits, including preventing heartburn and reducing the chances of snoring. It may also be better for our necks compared to other positions, according to a report from Prevention.

Perhaps it’s because so many people favor this sleep position over others, but it should come as no surprise that there are plenty of pillows dedicated to side sleepers. I’ve selected the top five best pillows for side sleepers; these pillows should cover a wide variety of sleep preferences. I’ll also make some recommendations for what to look for in particular when purchasing a new pillow made just for side sleepers!

Side Sleeping is considered to be the healthiest position of all. This is because this position lets the user enjoy proper spinal alignment. It also opens up airways, improving the way the sleeper breathes. That is why this is the sleeping position of choice for people suffering from sleep apnea or acid reflux.

But you need to know that this sleeping position is not perfect—it does come with a few issues. For one, it may cause arm numbness. Moreover, it may put a lot of stress on your shoulder, neck, and back which may cause aches in these parts of the body.
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