Cervical Traction Device For the Treatment of Chronic Neck Pain

IS YOUR NECK IN PAIN? WE CAN HELP! - Sedentary work and incorrect life posture made neck pain an epidemic in the 20th century. More and more young people suffer from stiff necks, shoulder pain, headaches, and even neck recurve pain. Our Ihrtrade Neck Conditioning slowly and gently stretch your neck/spine,reducing the pressure on the spinal cord. Result? Less pressure, pain, increase blood flow and oxygenation. Increase the mobility of the neck and shoulders through simple and effective physical solutions!

In many cases, your doctor or physical therapist may recommend a neck traction device. These devices can gently stretch your muscles and reduce the pressure on your spine to help relieve neck pain. Our product is exactly this kind of device designed to relieve neck pain and stretch at home. A short 10-15 minutes a day with our product can help you a lot and give you the most relief!

The Ihrtrade Neck Conditioning is a simple device that attaches to any door for neck pain relief in just ten minutes or less. Simply wrap it around any doorway, lie down, stretch out your neck muscles, and say goodbye to neck pain.

Our head sling for neck pain uses cervical traction to relax and stretch the muscles throughout your neck and spine. Through this process, problem areas will gain increased mobility and pain relief right in the comfort of your very own home. Best of all, you can use our cervical traction device along with your current physical therapy regimen for the greatest relief possible.

The Neck Pain Relief Cervical Traction is prone to conditions characterised by pain and reduction in motion and mobility. Neck problems can begin with simple everyday issues, such as poor posture or sleeping in a bad position.

For decades, cervical traction has been applied widely for pain relief of neck muscle spasm or nerve root compression.  It is a technique in which a force is applied to a part of the body to reduce paravertebral muscle spasms by stretching soft tissues, and in certain circumstances separating facet joint surfaces or bony structures.  Additional pounds for cervical traction is usually utilized in the hospitals or clinics for temporary use and in certain situations and under observation with occasional imaging, making sure of not to destabilize the spine.  Studies have shown that traction must be constant so that the muscles may tire and the strain falls on the joints.