Christmas Gift Ideas--Alloy Steel Tongue Drum

The Smoothest Path to Mindfulness.Complex breathing exercises and poses? How about just playing beautiful music?The Steel Tongue Drum doesn’t require talent, just an open mind and a spirit of playfulness and exploration. A love of beautiful sounds will help, because our drum is full of ethereal tones like finely tuned wind chimes. You will want this among your meditation accessories.

Don't Think,Just Play.You won’t need to understand complex musical theory.Alloy Steel Tongue Drum is tuned so that no matter what notes you play, they harmonize. You will find yourself like a child in a sandbox where everything is possible and everything you try just have to be willing to explore the palette of tones before you.

Gentle on your ears but not hard on your budget.Alloy Steel Tongue Drum is sturdy, and finely crafted. The sound is just as complex and satisfying as a hang drum instrument, and delivers on quality and ease of play. A hang drum that lets you sit back and close your eyes and just experience the shimmering sounds of serenity.

This drum can be a serious,dignified part of your spiritual practice, such as yoga and meditation. It can be as casual as a means of forgetting about the day’s stresses. It can even help your children discover a love of music. Harmonic, resonant music they play themselves will promote intellectual growth