EASY TO USE AND STORAGE the Ihrtrade Yoga Belt.

This Ihrtrade Yoga Belt is made with a premium quality woven nylon that will not stretch. Durable and Long-lasting,The yoga strap offers optimal resistance and great stability, never losing its shape, rip or fray. is perfect for Physical therapy, Yoga, Pilates, Ballet, workout warming up, It’s super-friendly for beginners, you will become more flexible and balanced.Helpful in both dynamic warm-up before yoga and other sports and daily stretching routine. Massage and Stretch Muscle and Joint, Improve flexibility and range of motion, Allows you to withstand intensive exercise and decreases injuries.

Perfect Assistant Tool
For Yoga, Pilates, dance and cross-fit, if you own a stretch strap, you will get a great achievement on flexibility and performance of balance, and finish more advanced movements by yourself.
Reduce Muscle Soreness
Gentle exercise with this strap before bedtime can also stretch the muscles and reduce symptoms.
It is a great tool for people who suffer from chronic pain, joint pain, muscle spasms, and shoulder problems.Helpful in Physical Therapy Treatments and recovery from injuries.

No matter your level of experience, IHRtrade yoga strap (or belt) can be useful for your practice. They aid you in reaching difficult poses, and over time will help you increase your flexibility and alignment.
Their benefits include:
Provide support and form alignment
Straps are lifesavers for people with tight hamstrings and shoulders. A strap can safely achieve poses previously inaccessible. You’ll find yourself getting into a deeper stretch, without compromising your form.
Improve posture.
Use the strap to address your tight areas. Help yourself to stop reaching into poses, tensing your shoulders and rounding your back—big no-nos. Or strap yourself in to restorative poses like Goddess and feel your lower back release.
Get an incredible stretch
Stretching becomes more effective and enjoyable when a strap is involved.
There are countless ways to use the strap for your advantage. In seated poses, yoga straps can be used around the feet to hold poses, especially for those with tight hips.
In standing poses where balance is key, the strap can also be looped around your foot to increase your flexibility without losing your form. Yoga straps can also be great to get a more intense stretch for your shoulders and chest .
Lastly, for arm balance poses like downward dog, the strap can be used to keep your elbows from going out.
Remember, do not pull your way into postures with force. Always listen to your body!