Enjoy Better Visibility With Outdoor Sports Sunglasses

All Outdoor Sports Sunglasses 100% UV400 protection coating,blocks 100% harmful UVA & UVB Rays.Restore true color,eliminate reflected light and scattered light,make the scenery more clear and soft and protect eyes perfectly. The Main one is colourful lense,the yellow one is for night activities,the balck one is polarized for driving and other activities. 

Because the polarized sunglasses open holes in the lens, the air circulation is better, so that the sweat evaporates faster, which can effectively reduce the fogging of the lens. The lightweight design is ideal for motorcycles and bicycles, driving, running, fishing, racing, skiing, hiking, or other outdoor activities.

What are the different types of lenses?

There are at least 3 major types of biking glasses lenses. And each of them fit a certain riding condition:

Clear Lenses – these types of lenses are designed specifically for riding under the rain or at night. Since there’s really no light to block under these conditions, all you need is protection against debris.

Mirrored Lenses – these types of cycling lenses block most light making them the best option when going out on bright sunny days. Mirrored lenses come in a variety of colors so, it’s not hard to find a lens that matches your kit.

Photochromic Lenses – if you ride all day or just too lazy switching cycling glasses, then photochromic lenses are perfect for you. These types of lenses automatically adjust according to light conditions. When the sun is bright and shining, the lenses darken. When there’s not enough light around, they lighten. Photochromic lenses are a bit expensive but if money is not an issue, you’re way better off picking these ones.

Most cycling sunglasses allow you to change lenses. So, don’t feel compelled to buy a new kit for every lens you have. Just grab a frame that offers multiple lens options with a good carrying case and you’re good to go!