Get The Lily Solar To Enjoy The Fun

In outdoor parks, private gardens, residential areas, villas, courtyards, and other ,the Lily Solar are widely used,they are so can not be inserted in the shade, it needs to be inserted in the place where the sun can reach 6-8 hours in the day, and there is no light on the solar panel at night.the flower head is made of high-grade cloth and silk, with good outdoor corrosion resistance and high light transmittance.

Lilies are auspicious flowers, which are widely used in life. People all over the world like lilies. Install LED lights on artificial lilies to make them beautiful at night. The most gratifying thing for us is that it uses LED and solar energy, which benefit us all the year round.

Artificial Lily Solar Garden Stake Lights are now of a tame fabric, improving quality and appearance to that of a real lily. We also upgraded a wider solar panel which converts sunlight into power faster and more efficient in cloudy weather.This beautiful artificial flower garden stake light is at home outside. The water proof glass is IP65, the flower & stem is made of high quality material proven to withstand in bad weather.

They come with the adjustable Stems and Leaves.Both stems and leaves are propped up by iron wire which gives ultra flexibility and durability. You can bend the solar flowers stems and leaves into different angel and style,and it will stay in shape even after thousand times of bending.Perfect as path lights and in-ground lights. Suitable for the Garden, Patio, Flowerbed, Fence, Walkway.

They were super easy to assemble and install. Just affix the plastic spike to the metal tube, and stick them in the ground. They are poseable, so you can open them up a bit and shape them to your liking. The colors look good during the day, but where they really shine.