Have Great Fun With The Steel Tongue Drum

A tongue drum is a percussion instrument well-known for its relaxing sounds, intuitive playing and unique flying saucer look! it is a musical drum that has parts of the exterior cut, or slit, to provide for a certain sound when the user strikes a portion of the drum. These drums are often made of wood, though some can be made of a metal. Usually, the way a tongue drum is set up, striking various parts of the drum will provide different tones for the percussion. 

You can play it with your hands or mallets,and it doesn’t require any musical or technical knowledge.No musical background is needed, just follow your heart to explore, and its ethereal sounds can purify your mind, and makes you achieve inner peace. with abundant and highly contrasting texture combines the timbre of Chime, Qing, Songbo (Traditional Chinese musical instruments), Guqin (A seven-stringed plucked instrument in some ways similar to the zither) and Zither. Learning to play tongue drum enhances musicians’ imagination, concentration and memory, improves physical and mental health and makes you calm, optimistic and transparent. 

The tongue drum may be a very fashionable percussive instrument famous for its relaxing sounds, intuitive grip and surprising unidentified flying object look! Played by hand or with mallets, it doesn't require any knowledge of music or technique to be ready to play it, his great asset residing within the incontrovertible fact that no "false note" is feasible.

Every human being is born with musical ability and has his or her own musicality which is expressed by making music alone or with others.