How To Sleep Better During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is hard work,and you'll need your sleep.One of the cruel realities is that a good night's sleep during pregnancy remains elusive,if not impossible for most pregnant women, at some point during their pregnancy.While you might not be able to sleep like a baby, there are some ways you can improve your chances for better sleep during pregnancy.With Pregnancy Pillow,you can sleep better.

1. Exercise.Getting your self good and tired out can't hurt your chances of getting some quality shut eye.It's also been shown that regular exercise can reduce the frequency of leg cramps, which many women are more prone to during pregnancy. Just don't exercise within a couple of hours of bedtime — that rush of endorphins and adrenaline can keep you awake long after you've hit the sack.

2. Relaxation.You should incorporate some forms of relaxation into your day, and particularly as part of your bedtime routine.Yoga is a good form of both exercise and relaxation, just be sure that you're following a prenatal routine. Meditation, a hot bath, or even reading a book are all ways that you can relax before going to sleep. Relaxation can help you leave the stresses and worries of the day out of the bedroom, allowing you to sleep better at night.

3. Sleep-Friendly Diet.While you're cravings may be telling you to indulge in that enchilada, you'll regret that choice when you're up with a case of raging heartburn. Anything spicy, fatty or acidic are not foods that promote sleep during pregnancy. In order to avoid heartburn, upset stomach or constipation in the middle of the night, don't eat within two hours of going to bed.

Try propping yourself up with Pregnancy Pillow to sleep in a semi reclining position, and be sure to keep some antacids near the bed in case you have to pop a couple in the middle of the night. Also, either cut caffeine completely from your diet, or limit your intake for several hours before bedtime.

Try drinking some caffeine-free herbal tee or a warm cup of milk before going to bed to relax you. If you find that you experience nausea at night, keep some crackers next to your bed. Some women find that their prenatal vitamins make them feel nauseous — if this is the case, decide if you'd rather have your sleep and take them during the day or if you can sleep through the nausea.