Ihrtrade Ken Fuyuki Chef Knife - Official Retailer

The chef's knife is a cutting tool utilized in food preparation that was created mainly for deboning and slicing large cuts of meat, and is sometimes known as a French knife or a cook’s knife. A modern chef’s knife is actually a common utility knife for most cooks around the world and functions effectively for many different kitchen tasks, instead of having only one function. It may be used to mince, slice, and dice fruits, vegetables and meat, as well as to remove bones from large cuts of meat.

The knife-cloud library has been designed to integrate the common tasks of all knife plugins. As a developer of a knife plugin, you will not have to worry about writing generic code in your plugin, eg: the Chef bootstrap code or SSH / WinRM connection code.

Handcrafted from high-carbon steel using ancient Far Eastern techniques, made by experienced blacksmiths, cut and chop anything with this versatile hardened carbon steel blade. Whether it is vegetables, meat or even wood, it cuts effortlessly through everything. This will really be the last knife you will use! It has the perfect weight, feel, balance, finish and sharpness, even for the outdoors!

Most professional chefs are concerned about what is called the tang. Some purists insist that the best knife is one where the metal of the knife extends into the handle. Some say the knife’s blade, including the tang, should be one solid piece of metal so that the knife is very durable. The handle is also is an important consideration. A few handles have grooves on the bottom to support the position of the fingers on the knife, while other chef’s knives have a straight handle.