Ihrtrade Orthopedic Leg And Knee Pillow Gives You a Good Night’s Sleep

Leg And Knee Pillow have been recommended by medical professionals all over the world for proper sleep positioning.When you use the Leg Wedge Pillow you'll be astonished when you wake up to discover you have slept soundly and are free of lower back and hip pain.
All because of a simple,but effective, leg wedge pillow.Your body will benefit from the a significant difference in the way your hips, lower back, knees and whole body feel after a sleeping right the entire night!

Side sleep is known to be the most common sleep position.However, when you are sleeping on your side you will find that the most common set of discomforts are located in the lower back and hips.

In this sleeping position the natural shape of your body allows for the leg that is furthest from the sleep surface to be misaligned and it is pulled straight down by gravity. This creates pressure and tension on the hips and pulls down on your lower back or lumbar region causing pain. Leg pillows, such as the Leg Wedge Pillow make side sleeping much more comfortable, especially for moms-to-be who must sleep on their sides as their pregnancies progress.

The Leg Pillow,when used as a leg spacer pillow, helps you to stay on your side in comfort. This pillow is covered in an extra soft terrycloth fabric and is the perfect shape to offer support between the knees and the memory foam offers a custom fit to your body.

When you place the Leg Pillow between your legs,immediately you will feel the pressure and tension release as your spine is properly aligned. While you sleep your back muscles relax and the stress and strain is relieved. The Leg Pillow moves with you as you turn from side to side throughout the night assuring you a good night’s sleep.