IHRtrade Outdoor Resistant Steel Toe Shoes are Widely-use

IHRtrade steel toe shoes men women offers good protection against impacts and heavy falling objects,Puncture Resistant Kevlar Sole saved your foot from nails and screws in the harshest environment.Kevlar punctual resistance sole is soft, durable and puncture resistant,keep your comfort and safety in your wear. 

Feature SRC slip-, oil- and abrasion resistant Kevlar outsole.They are durable, sturdy, and provide great protection.Adoption special aubber, it's the same rubber as the tires provides stronger wear-resisting, suitable for complex pavements. 

Indestructible Work Safety Toe Shoes,pretty Lightweight and Comfortable for Safety Shoes and extremely flexible and meet the steel toe requirement.The inside is very soft ,It helps reduce foot fatigue, support the arch and cushion every step.In addition, Safety shoes provides excellent comfort, flexibility, and it can be as comfortable as your daily sneakers. 

Steel toe shoes for men women are made of breathable upper material, always keep your feet dry.Kevlar cushion light weight midsole are built to protect your foot from nails and screws in the harshest environment and Improve wear resistance while avoiding shoes that are too heavy and reducing the burden of work.

The safety shoes are great for those who work on warehouse,auto repair shop,Auto Industry, Manufacturing and Factory,These are durable as a construction worker.Definitely recommend these for the working person who needs safety shoes.In addition, they are also can work as hiking, mountain, climbing shoes.