Ihrtrade Yoga Belt--Stretch Effectively and safely

you can use the fitness yoga strap on your own without other people's help, and the stretch strap provides good stability; You simply fix one end on the foot, and control the tightness of the other end, so that you can stretch more easily and safely; A variety of stretching training methods can be applied to meet the training requirements of different groups.

Stretching your body during a warm up,dance and pilates, Massage your muscles and finish off with an amazing and safe assisted stretch, helpful in Physical Therapy Treatments and recovery from injuries.

The yoga strap offers optimal resistance and great stability, never losing its shape, rip or fray.Take on the go with the included nylon storage bag. Fits comfortably in your hands and around your feet.Stretch exercise straps keeps your body in a better shape to withstand intensive exercise and improved range of motion, enhanced muscle recovery, reduced risk of injury. 

Ihrtrade Yoga Belts are large enough to accommodate most athletic shoes for ultimate convenience. Loops provide comfortable handholds, make it easy to get a grip on it and adjust to length you want .Meanwhile, multi loop strap helps you stretch further and hold the stretch to your personal max. 

Main Feature

- It's super-friendly for beginners, you will become more flexible and balanced.

- Effective in warming up, Help to ensure correct posture by lengthening tight muscles that pull areas of the body away from their intended position.

- The strap measures 98 inches long, 1.57 inch wide, fitting people of all size and providing a wonderful stretching from head to toe, and effecting multiple muscle groups at the same time.

- Yoga strap is made of durable and long-lasting duty nylon to ensure firm enough to hold your poses but also soft enough to reduced risk of injury.

- 12 multi-loop stretching strap allows you to progress through different loop levels to gradually deepen your stretches.