One-Step Hair Dryer Creates Stylish Hair for You

Negative ions saturating the airflow to reduce the sizeof water droplets for faster drying, which makes hair shinier while reducing frizz and static.This will help condition your hair and nourish damaged hair. The brush will also help with hair styling and make your hair shinny and smooth while reducing static.

Enjoy full salon blowouts at home! The Ihrtrade 3 In One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer delivers gorgeous volume and brilliant shine in a single step. The unique oval brush design smooths hair, while the rounded edges quickly create volume at the root and beautifully full-bodied bends at the ends in a single pass.

Designed with nylon pin and tufted bristles for easy detangling, improved volume, and control, the hot brush is built to provide just the right amount of heat with 2 heat/speed settings and a cool option. Unlike conventional hair dryers, this volumizer can be placed closer to your scalp for maximum lift, while its built-in genuine ION generator helps your hair dry fast and reduce heat damage.

Hot hair brush is a perfect combination of hair dryer and hair styler. Use it as a blow dryer, hair styler, volumize your locks, make your hair curly or wavy and straighten it of course. Efficient & Time Saving for salon blowouts at home.

Combining the functions of a blow dryer, hair styler, volumizer, or straightener on one brush, the hot hair brush is suitable for blow drying, straightening, and volumizing. It will be your new favorite styling tool to easily create silky smooth, salon styling at home. A must-have item for beauty people with all kinds of hair.