Tibetan Singing Bowl---Discover Inner Peace and Happiness

Tibetan Singing Bowl---Discover Inner Peace and Happiness

Tibetan Singing Bowl Created by hand by Nepalese artisans and devoted practitioners to create an ambience for emotional calming & healing..Please make allowance for the possible light scratches because it is handcrafted bowl. 

It is easy to rub the striker around the bowl and get it to sing. If you're looking for a singing bowl that can produce professional sound quality while still suiting your budget, this hand crafted singing bowl is the perfect choice.

The singing bowl has been developed so far and has a broader meaning. It is used as an auxiliary purpose for yoga, meditation, prayer, chakra healing, spiritual bathing, and so on. In the complicated modern life, the more we have, the easier it is to feel physical and mental fatigue. Frequent use of singing bowls can liberate our body and mind.

As the housewarming gift, engagement gift, anniversary gift, yoga gift, Buddhist gifts, birthday gifts, reiki gifts, Christmas gifts for the couple, intuitive kid, yoga instructor, father, mother. Very Interesting and meaningful gift.  

As meditation music instruments, Ihrtrade 4 Inches Tibetan Singing Bowls Set relieve anxiety and make you feel calmed and centered, or help you with your meditative practice with patients. As a home ornament on the silk cushion, it goes well with most home decors. 

Singing bowls originated in Tibet. Tibetan Buddhism has many different types of instruments. One of them is called a bronze chime, also called Buddha sound or Buddha sound bowl. It consists of a red copper bowl and a handmade peach wood handle.