U Shaped Pillows Pregnant Body Pillows for Sleeping

If you would have told me a year ago that I'd be buying a Pregnancy Pillow that wrapped around my body, I'd call you a fool. But here I am entering my credit card information. This pillow is shaped like the letter U, and elegantly wraps around your body, allowing you to enter the most incredibly comfortable sleeping positions ever thought of.

It is perfect for nursing, reading, sleeping, or watching TV, the giant U-shaped body pillow is filled with a premium bionic polyethylene filling that has high-density and is extra soft. There is even a zipper to the filling area so you can DIY the filling adjustment level to your own ideal comfort.

U-shaped shape design conforms to the natural curve of your body, provides you with full body support, and can replace multiple support pillows on the bed. No longer have to worry about finding a support pillow for tossing and turning, the U-shaped body pillow will not move randomly. 

This body pillow for pregnant women can support your head, back, legs, ankles and effectively relieve fibromyalgia, gastric reflux, sciatica, etc. The maternity pillow is not only suitable for pregnant women and women, but more people can use it, men and children who need to support any part of their body. Give you a comfortable sleeping environment and caring for your baby is healthier. 

: Premium and non-allergenic 7D PP cotton, environmental protection, no harmful substances, good resilience, durable, soft touch and comfortable. And the thickness can be adjusted freely by increasing or decreasing the filler. The pregnancy pillows u shape can give you a quiet and comfortable night. 100% velvet cover, super soft, skin-friendly, double zipper, easy to remove and clean.