UU Drum Is A New Type of Tongue Drum

The UU drum is a new type of tongue drum. Its sound principle is that the cavity resonates and produces a melodious and ethereal sound. On the basis of common steel tongue drum, we developed a unique double-tone tongue that resonates across octaves to make the tone color of the tongue fuller and more ethereal. The appearance of the vacuum coating engraving hollow pattern, so that the UU drum has a unique appearance.

The design of silicone lock edge not only makes the appearance more beautiful, but also plays an indispensable role in increasing the timbre. The rich and clear sound can relieve pressure, reduce fatigue and inspire people. It is suitable for meditation and yoga. Equipped with thick cotton bag, you can easily carry and protect your drum.

Methods of enjoy the UU tongue drum
Use of hands or clubs. Playing it with your hands requires higher standards of hand power and a more precise tapping position, so using drumsticks is your first choice (especially for new ones). The sound under the sticks will be more penetrating, purer and more ethereal. By holding the 1/3 hammer and tapping in the center of the tongue head, you will get the perfect sound. If some "noise" is emitted during playback, it is mainly caused by touching the wrong position.

 As a newly developed musical instrument, steel-tongue drums require no complicated music theory or any musical rudiments. They can be played with the baton or with bare hands, tapping, stroking or stroking with the fingers, without a fixed musical background. You can play the drums with the tongue improvising a lot and you could do different performances every time, even on the same song.

 As a rhythmic instrument, UU drum can not only play with other instruments, but also play independently; perfect for personal meditation, yoga, zen, sound healing, stimulates imagination and creativity.