What are Rimmed and Rimless Cycling Glasses?

Cycling Glasses with 5 Lenses are made entirely of lightweight, rugged TR90, and you won't feel discomfort even after wearing them for a long time. The packaging of the mens sunglasses polarized uses a lighter material, which can be hung on the waist and is more convenient.

A well-designed detachable and adjustable nose pad for any face type. The nose pad has soft stainless steel inside, which is not easy to break and has a long service life. The nose pads are made of a comfortable rubber material that will not cause discomfort to the nose even if worn for a long time.

Do you know that sunglasses manufacturers are spending millions of dollars every year just to get a fair chunk of the biking glasses market? And biking pros are always on the lookout for awesome deals and endorsements! Aside from lining up their pockets with cash, below are some reasons why wearing cycling glasses when you are out biking is a must:

Switzerland EMS-TR90 material glasses frame,extreme flexibility,durability and light weight, perfect material for performance eyewear.Five pieces interchangeable lens design allows a wearer to easily switch lenses for different lighting situations. Visible light perspective rate: gray15, yellow 63, full color 14, transparent color 64, blue 58.

You need in this situation is losing visibility and streaming eyes. Cycling glasses protect your eyes from strong wind and enable you to enjoy good visibility even when moving fast.

When moving head to head with the wind, your eyes can take a heavy battering. And the last thing Sports Biking Glasses feature wide lens design, giving you an unobstructed peripheral vision. The frame is made from unbreakable and flexible TR90 material while the lens is safe, impact, and shatter free. There are several colors to choose from: white, black, green, pink, and red.